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Tuesday, June 23, 2015
By Katrina McMaster, Art Klicks Photography
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Today I turn 28 years young (wow 28). As I look back on what these last 28 years I can only remember parts, glimpse of my past, some good, some bad, and some that should stay memories. Sometimes only memories come to fruition when someone reminds me of something, you know that thing that happen, that one day, at that one place? We’ve all been there.

So I think back to my earliest memory that I can recall, sitting on my moms dresser as she does my hair for the day. Just a glimpse of a simple, everyday act, but now holds more than a memory. First, thinking that I can even fit on my mom’s dresser is an amazing fact. Second, my mom taking the time to fix my wild, bleach blonde hair for the day. Just part of being a mom I guess.

Just remember….

I also want to say Happy Birthday to Dr. Todd Hedlund, Happy 14th wedding Anniversary to Jaime & Ryan Incontro, and lastly to my best friend Katie & James Wills celebrating 3 years of marriage. Today is a good day to celebrate!

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Rodrigo - Happy birthday! To our roommie/wedding photographer :) I hope you are having fun!

From: Adam/Rodrigo/KD